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Why a 3 Breath Hug is Better Than Wine

Two summers ago I was dropping Macy off at the airport to spend 2 weeks in remote parts of Peru. This was a wildly traumatic experience…. for me!!  Kenny’s family all traveled as they were growing up, so he wasn’t too flustered by it. But the thought of sending my 14 year old daughter off...
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My kids went back to school last Tuesday. These were the highs and lows of my day yesterday: Morning: Meditated, wrote blog posts, made breakfast and lunches, figured out after school car pools, doubled checked kids had binders-kissed kids goodbye, walked dog with Kenny, gave podcast interview. Mid Day: Ate food (I’m doing intermittent fasting),...
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10 months ago – I attended a retreat and was asked to choose one word to lean into for 2019 – I chose connection. 9 months ago – I wrote down some notes about creating something powerful for working moms. 8 months ago – I was feeling burned out, scattered, and lacking motivation. 7 months ago...
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