mindful holidays

If my own email in box is any indication, I know that, during this holiday season, you need another email, like you need a hole in your glass of eggnog. But read on, as this is not a #cyber Monday, #blackFriday, #smallbusiness Saturday, #willthiseverstop Wednesday (I made that one up!) kind of email. This email...
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The Mindful Resolution Re-boot

It is that time of year. If you are anything like me you’ve spent the last five weeks eating, drinking and spending money like it is your last month on this planet. It is not surprising that after experiencing the gluttony that accompanies the holiday season that our New Year’s resolutions often reflect eating less,...
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Life today often feels like a frantic race in which we are forever a few steps behind. Chances are, if you are feeling the stress of living in our 24/7 world, yours kids and students are feeling it too. My mother often comments on how different life is for families today, and it’s not just her...
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