back to school back to sleep

I love summer. Riding my mountain bike, long walks with my dog, dinner and drinks out on the porch, and NOT GIVING A YOU-KNOW-WHAT about what time my kids go to sleep (full disclosure, they go to bed after I do!!). But it is back to school time, and that means it is game-on for...
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Getting Up and Out in the Mornings

Before Macy joined me on the video above (at the 4:07 mark), I was going to title this post How We get Up & Out Affects Our Work Day and Our Kids’ School Day.  But let’s face it, you all probably are pretty interested to learn about Macy’s hacks for getting out of the house,...
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Life today often feels like a frantic race in which we are forever a few steps behind. Chances are, if you are feeling the stress of living in our 24/7 world, yours kids and students are feeling it too. My mother often comments on how different life is for families today, and it’s not just her...
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