Richard Branson on the Value of Vacations

Famous for their long vacations and paid time off benefits, a lot of our international neighbors are the envy of American workers. Even if you did have more paid time off of work, would you use up all of your vacation days? If you’re nodding yes and thinking I’m crazy for even posing this question...
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If my own email in box is any indication, I know that, during this holiday season, you need another email, like you need a hole in your glass of eggnog. But read on, as this is not a #cyber Monday, #blackFriday, #smallbusiness Saturday, #willthiseverstop Wednesday (I made that one up!) kind of email. This email...
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“Mom!” my daughter screamed from the living room. “Mom! Hurry, you need to come right away! Mom! Hurry, hurry!” I dropped the basket of wash I was carefully maneuvering through the hall, jumped over our large, sleeping dog and sprinted towards her certain there must be a broken bone or open gash in need of...
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