If Life feels like snowmageddon, just grab a sled and find a little playfulness in the storm

Recently, I was walking my dog before heading into work. I was on a quiet residential street near our house when a good friend of mine drove by. Due to my busy travel schedule, we had been playing phone tag for weeks and hadn’t seen each other in person in at least a few months....
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Mindful Gratitude

“Can you say ‘Thank You?'” One of the first things we teach our kids as soon as they learn to speak is to say, “Thank you.” Think of the countless times you have said, “what do you say?…” to prompt your child to utter these words. But do our kids really have any idea what...
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How to be a good mom, by Kristen Race. Mindfulness Practices and programs,

Am I a good mom?

I ask myself this question a lot. Here I am writing articles and books about parenting and teaching parenting courses, yet I still find myself in situations with my kids where I am at a loss. My kids and I look pretty happy in this photo, but often I’m too busy, too stressed, too impatient,...
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