3 breath hug

Why a 3 Breath Hug is Better Than Wine

Two summers ago I was dropping Macy off at the airport to spend 2 weeks in remote parts of Peru. This was a wildly traumatic experience…. for me!!  Kenny’s family all traveled as they were growing up, so he wasn’t too flustered by it. But the thought of sending my 14 year old daughter off...
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Article: Do Kids Benefit from Immediate Consequences? By Dr, Kristen Race, Mindful Life – “When the alarm part of her brain is active, your child cannot effectively learn how to self-discipline.” (Mindful Parenting course now enrolling!)

Most parents have the notion that a consequence needs to be given immediately following a child’s misbehavior so that the child understands that what she’s done is unacceptable. Do you find yourself threatening to take away screen time for months as soon as you catch your daughter hiding under the covers with her iPad? Or...
Read More “What do we do when it feels like the world is falling apart?” Mindfulness practices to increase compassion. “This summer has been a particularly difficult one for our global community. With every new instance of gut-wrenching news, many of us are beginning to feel helpless, hopeless and scared. But what do we do when even after all of that it feels like everything is still falling apart?…”

This summer has been a particularly difficult one for our global community. The frequency that our fellow citizens are experiencing violence is such that while we are still mourning one horrific event, we scroll through our social feeds only to find that another awful tragedy has occurred. We grieve for those who are hurting right...
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