MindfulLifeToday.com - Buy Now! Six-Module Mindfulness Online Intensive. If you want to start your school year with less stress, more resiliency and put your students in a ready-to-learn brain state from day one, this is the course for you.

Six-Module Mindfulness Online Intensive

If you want to start your school year with less stress, more resiliency and put your students in a ready-to-learn brain state from day one, this is the course for you.

This course is modeled after our in-person intensive training for schools in order to give individual teachers, educators, school counselors and youth professionals a flexible, affordable online course.

You no longer have to wait for your school or district to book an in-person training, you can up-level your classroom skills, apply for graduate level professional development credits and be ready to teach mindfulness in a school or after-school program setting immediately upon completion.

I realized how much I am running and racing

I realized how much I am running and racing and not being mindful at times, and wanted to implement this completely in my life and to help my students that I work with every day. My school board doesn’t offer anything, so I began my journey when I visited the Mindful Life website. Now I’m sharing ideas to help other colleagues with their students too.

Course Participant

When is the best time to take this course?

It’s ideal to take at the end of summer break to be ready to set the tone for a calm classroom on the very first day of school.

Or if you’re experiencing a mid-year slump, take this class over a weekend and then recalibrate your classroom for calm on Monday. We know weekends are sacred for educators, but this sanity saver can make all the difference for a more relaxing school year.

The online mindfulness intensive gives you detailed instructions and video demonstrations that you can use with your students right away.

Helps me stay calm and to keep perspective

It helps me stay calm and to keep perspective in stressful situations during high stress times of year. I am also able to run more productive meetings with parents and colleagues with ease.

Kerry M, Teacher, Hong Kong

Bonus! Free access to Weekly Wellness Program!

As a bonus, you’ll also have access to the brand new school-year long weekly wellness curriculum that we are releasing this fall. This bite-sized wellness program gives you easy-to-implement social and emotional learning ideas and support all year long.

It also gives you the structure for creating a daily personal mindfulness practice that can immeasurably improve your day-to-day wellbeing both inside and outside of school.

This is the favorite part of my students' day!

It helps me transition from the business of getting ready for class into actually teaching class. In my classroom, we use mindfulness techniques to take 5-10 minutes at the beginning of each day to transition from coming in to getting ready to learn. Several children have spontaneously volunteered that this is their favorite part of the day.

Dianne G, Teacher, Colorado

I love her straightforward, clear and concise delivery...

I feel like I got to know Kristen through this online training and I love her straightforward, clear and concise delivery of the material. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to glean from her knowledge, expertise and brilliant approach.

Susan L, Teacher, California

Here’s what’s included in the program:

  • The material is pre-recorded and can be watched at anytime.
  • Each module is 45-60 minutes with detailed explanations, reflection questions and video demonstrations (with children) to show you exactly how to implement the techniques in your classroom or after-school program.
  • You will have access to the full program for the entire school year in which it was purchased.
  • Access to the curriculum is renewable each subsequent school year.
  • During the immersion, you are guided through a personal practice workbook to help in the development and/or deepening of your own mindfulness practice.
  • You also will be enrolled immediately in the weekly wellness program for the classroom for the remainder of the school year.
  • You will also become eligible to develop a deeper practice and mindfulness teaching career through the Mindful Life Ambassador program
Small changes make a big difference for managing stress, chaotic classrooms and the pressures that teachers are facing today; and this new offering of ours makes daily mindfulness routines simple.

Curriculum and Resources:

  • Full Mindful Life Schools Training Manual (includes hundreds of mindfulness and movement activities designed for children)
  • Personal Practice Workbook (to guide you through a 6-week development program)
  • Free Mindful Life Schools Classroom Curriculum (12 full lessons & 12 home reinforcement letters in English & Spanish)
  • Extended Curriculum (24 extended, fully scripted lessons & 24 home reinforcement letters in English and Spanish)
  • Access to Graduate Level Professional Development Credits (Contact us for more information).

My teaching of mindfulness is respected and viewed by others as a worthwhile...

I am grateful to have a very polished program and that gives credibility to me bringing mindfulness into my classroom. Before finding Mindful Life, I was worried that parents/peers would perceive my efforts as some "kooky" thing that I was into, rather than a truly useful set of tools for students. Now, my teaching of mindfulness is respected and viewed by others as a worthwhile, practical and positive effort. The inclusion of the neuroscience behind the practices is very valuable.

Course Participant

Here’s What You’ll Learn in Each Module

Session 1: Why Mindfulness

This session gives an overview of the Mindful Life Schools method, describes from a brain-based perspective why and how mindfulness works for kids and how mindfulness can enhance brain functioning. We conclude by introducing lessons for teaching kids how their brain works.

Session 2: Core Practice

This session continues our presentation of the Mindful Life Schools method. We give an overview of how mindful listening and mindful breathing impact brain functioning. We then demonstrate a variety of developmentally appropriate ways for introducing these skills to children of various ages. This lesson also provides instructions and guidance for starting and/or deepening your own mindfulness practice.

Session 3: Mindful Movement

This session introduces the numerous mindful movement games and activities that are unique to the Mindful Life Schools method. A variety of activities are demonstrated with children of various ages as we explain how the activities enhance brain functioning. Tips for enhancing your personal mindfulness practice are also provided.

Session 4: Increasing Awareness

This session explores a variety of ways to increase awareness by practicing mindfulness with all of our senses. We demonstrate activities such as mindful seeing, mindful eating, as well as more mindful movement activities with children of various ages. We also explore how to bring informal mindfulness practices into your day-to-day life.

Session 5: Increasing Empathy

As children increase their development of focused attention and sensory awareness they automatically increase their capacity for empathy. Children who have present moment awareness are more attuned to the thoughts and feelings of others. We build on this capacity in this session with demonstrations of lessons geared directly towards the development of empathy and friendship skills.

Session 6: Implementation

This session outlines the variety of ways in which you can implement the Mindful Life Schools method into your classroom. We also provide answers to commonly asked questions regarding classroom management and behavioral issues. Finally, we leave you with strategies to maintain and deepen your personal mindfulness practice.

Small changes lead to big results.

You can go from a chaotic classroom to a calm classroom by implementing mindfulness activities that take less than 15-minutes a day.

15-minutes of mindfulness buys you a classroom of kids that are more likely to be focused, calm and ready to learn.  Without these techniques, you might have a classroom that can take hours, even weeks or sometimes the entire school year to pay attention and absorb the information you are passionate about teaching them.

These brain-based methods have been used by schools on six continents and can easily be worked into your school’s culture. We’d love to have you join the over 5000 Mindful Life Schools trained teacher in transforming today’s classroom!

Buy Now: Mindful Life™ Schools Six-Module Online Intensive


  • Instant access for entire school year in which it was purchased.
  • Access is renewable each subsequent school year.
  • Bonus! Instant enrollment immediately in the weekly wellness program (value $199)!

If you have any questions about this training, please contact us.

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