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“Ready to Learn!” Introductory Workshop for Your School Faculty

The Mindful Life Ready to Learn Faculty Workshop introduces teachers to mindfulness skills that can be used to create a better personal wellness plan for themselves, and to turn that challenging classroom into a more focused one.

The “Ready to Learn” one-hour presentation is perfect for the faculty group who is interested in getting familiar with our Mindful Life program (especially when you don’t have the time available to devote to our  signature full day training).

Empower Your Teachers

Sustaining teacher wellness throughout an entire school year does not come easily. Demands on the teacher affect their health, their happiness, your school culture and community, and their ability to lead a classroom.

Empower Your Students

Likewise, having a classroom environment where all the students are ready to learn does not come easily. Kids come into a classroom in varied emotional states based on their experiences while they were away from school or the classroom. A tough night at home, an unruly bus ride, a recess that didn’t go as planned — so many variables can affect a child’s ability to learn when the teacher stands up to start a lesson.

By concentrating on ways to better stimulate the pre-frontal cortex of the brain we see benefits that help kids develop attention, impulse control, and problem-solving skills — all the while making the teacher’s job much easier.

This presentation starts with an explanation of the stress response in the brain, followed by examples of how modern day stressors are affecting the way we teach and the way our children learn.

It concludes with a simple tool box to get teachers going in the classroom with our simple mindfulness strategies to create better resiliency and a healthier, happier and more productive classroom.

Discussion Points:

  • Stress: How it is affecting our teachers lives and our students’ ability to learn
  • Mindfulness: Training the prefrontal cortex to create a healthier teacher and a calmer, more focused classroom
  • A Toolbox for Teachers: Easy-to-implement activities for a teacher’s life and for the classroom

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