Mindfulness programs for teachers and schools, by Mindful Life & Kristen Race, (author of Mindful Parenting)

Programs for Teachers and Schools


Mindful Life™ Schools
Weekly Wellness Program

Our online program for educators and youth professionals is delivered to you weekly in bite-sized bits to build resiliency to stress, and create happy and productive classrooms.

This program is incredibly easy to implement, and research shows its use decreases teacher stress, and increases student attention, impulse control and emotional regulation, all resulting in healthier and happier teachers and students. (Graduate level professional development credits are available).

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Mindful Life™ Schools
Six Session Online Intensive For Teachers

Similar to the in-person intensive, this online program provides individual educators, therapists and other youth professionals with a flexible, affordable training option for bringing mindfulness into schools and other youth programs.

All resources from the in-person intensive are included, and attendees can watch the 6-module training at any time. Graduate level professional development credits are available.

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Mindful Life™ Schools
One-Day Intensive with Dr. Kristen Race
For Schools and School Districts

This one day intensive is perfect for faculty interested in bringing brain-based mindfulness and movement techniques into the classroom. This training feels more like a retreat and is a perfect way to support your faculty’s team building, with a program that brings incredible results into the entire school community.

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“Ready to Learn!” Introductory Workshop for School Faculties - with Kristen Race, MindfulLifeToday.com

Mindful Life™ Schools
"Ready to Learn!"
Introductory Workshop for School Faculties

This 60 minute faculty workshop is an introduction for teachers to brain-based mindfulness skills that can be used in the classroom to reduce stress for themselves and their students, and enhance their teaching environment.

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