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The American Psychological Association’s “Stress in America Findings” report, from just a few years ago, reported that Generation X (those of us born between 1966 and 1979) is the most stressed-out generation yet.

We are a generation of stressed out parents, raising a generation of stressed out kids.
-Dr. Kristen Race

Stress is highly contagious

Unfortunately, these stressors are not only impacting us. Thanks to the biology of the brain wiring, stress is highly contagious, so it makes sense that a generation of stressed-out parents is raising a generation of stressed-out kids.

More recent findings show that teenagers have already surpassed us in exorbitantly high stress levels and the outlook for our middle childhood aged kids is just as grim.

Despite increased awareness that we’re living amidst the “Generation Stress” epidemic, communities are struggling to make a shift, because our culture doesn’t support slowing down and being present.

When it comes to our kids, we’re all terrified that if we make one wrong move outside the cultural norms, we’ll scar them for life.

We hate to admit it, but we’re still keeping up with the Joneses!

And, unfortunately, the Joneses of today don’t just have a nicer house or a better car, they have kids with tutors for every subject who play competitive club sports year round, have mastered 3 instruments by middle school, take Mandarin lessons and are still worried that if they don’t get into a top-tier college, their life will be a disaster.

No wonder we’re all exhausted!

Now, can you imagine what it would be like if keeping up with the Joneses meant having more connected family dinners, more relaxing afternoons, more laughing, sillier game nights, more playtime at the park with the neighbors?
  • What if kids willingly put down their digital devices and played outside with their friends, coming in only to fuel up or to patch a scraped knee?
  • What if checking your cell phone 24/7 was not the norm and weekends were actual weekends, not just two work days that you work from home instead of the office?
  • What if the collective realization was made that a less frenetic pace, more down time, and more face to face connection actually made it easier for kids to excel in school and, more importantly, in life?
If we want to create a cultural shift for our kids, our families our communities and ourselves, it starts with us.

Dr. Kristen Race, author of Mindful Parenting, MindfulLifeToday.com

Mindful Life Parenting Talks

Help change the “Generation Stress” parenting paradigm in your community by inviting Dr. Kristen Race to give a talk at your school or for your community group.

 From Surviving to Thriving: A Mindfulness Parenting Talk by Dr. Kristen Race, MindfulLifeToday.com

“From Surviving to Thriving in Your Family”

Kristen’s mindfulness methods for families have helped thousands develop resilience, a positive mindset, and connection. In her newest talk, she takes a straightforward no blame/no shame look at the science of the brain, so that family members can better understand how the inner workings of their brain impacts their moods, thoughts, and behaviors of themselves and the people around them.

Drawing on the latest brain research, Kristen shows us how mindfulness changes the brain to help us feel happier and healthier as well as become more present in our relationships and home life. This humorous and engaging talk provides simple solutions that move us from simply surviving in our family lives to thriving in our family lives.

What your parenting community will learn:

  • Why stress is so prevalent and highly contagious
  • How to become more resilient to stressors inside and outside of the home
  • Benefits of a mindfulness practice and ways to practice at work, home, and as a family
  • How having a mindfulness practice makes you a happier healthier parent and spouse
  • The 5 easy ways to take your family from surviving to thriving

Included practical exercises to work into a family's regular routine...

I loved that Kristen's presentation included brain research, as well as practical exercises to work into a family's regular routine. It feels as though parents find it manageable and worthwhile to implement - it’s not just another presentation they attend with no follow through after. The presentation was very professional and well received. It has been a pleasure working with Mindful Life both through the classroom professional development and with Kristen speaking to a parent group. I hope that our paths cross again.

Mandy S, Associate Dean, Colorado

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Creating Peaceful Homes: A Mindfulness Parenting Talk by Dr. Kristen Race, MindfulLifeToday.com

“Creating Peaceful Homes”

Many parents struggle to find moments of family peace as they face the growing demands placed on families today. Children are growing up in a world filled with over-stimulation, packed schedules, the price of perfectionism, and considerably more stress than previous generations.

Join Dr. Kristen Race for her talk “Creating Peaceful Homes,” a brain based discussion of how today’s world is affecting your child’s development and how to find peace in chaotic times.

What your parenting community will learn:

  • Stress! How it is more prevalent today than ever before and how it is affecting your child’s brain
  • Hidden environmental factors that are affecting brain development
  • Schedules, Stimulation, and Sleep! How does your family measure up?
  • Simple family activities that increase children’s ability to pay attention, increase cognitive functioning, reduce stress and promote family happiness

Your concepts really hit home...

The Peaceful Homes workshop was AMAZING! Just what my family needed! I could tell how much your concepts really hit home for people, as they kept talking about it long after you left. Your ideas make such sense, and we so often just need a good reminder of what we know in our hearts to be true! Thanks again for such an inspiring talk, and for all the work that you do to help us."

Stephanie B, Director of Counseling, Colorado

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Generation Stress: A Mindfulness Parenting Talk by Dr. Kristen Race, MindfulLifeToday.com

“Generation Stress”

From the demands of modern society to the price of perfectionism, children and adults are experiencing higher levels of stress than any generation on record. This workshop includes a brief overview of the neuroscience of stress, and then goes deeper into practical tools and strategies for families to become more resilient to the stress in their lives.

What your parenting community will learn:

  • The Neuroscience of Stress– The stress response in the brain, how it affects all of us, and ways we can help our kids learn to self-regulate
  • Put on Your Oxygen Mask First – How we, as parents, influence the stress level in the house and tools to make our lives calmer
  • Praise – How the way we praise our kids may contribute to anxiety and perfectionism AND ways to praise kids so they will persist in the face of adversity
  • Sports – How to incorporate athletics in ways that foster healthy development rather than adding pressure to an already stressed-out kid
  • Family Adventures & Rituals – How to create family adventures and rituals that foster positive family engagement, increase self-esteem, and reduce perfectionism

Kristen provided so many ideas for us to take home and use, and my kids love them!

Generation Stress was the best workshop we’ve sponsored at our school! Kristen’s knowledge of the brain is extraordinary and she explains it in a clear and approachable way that everyone can understand. She provided so many ideas for us to take home and use with our children, and my kids love them! Our time together as a family has become much more meaningful and fulfilling. We actually have conversations at the dinner table with our 4, 7, and 9 year-olds and the evening hours aren’t just something to get through anymore. This presentation is so important as we try to nurture children in a rapid and stressful world.

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