Reduce employee's stress, increase their productivity, improve job satisfaction, work engagement and well-being.

Simple & Scientifically based Mindfulness Practices Designed Specifically for the Workplace

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Why mindfulness in the workplace?

Mindfulness is a helpful tool, backed by brain science, that can be applied to any habit in our life to improve our efficiency, productivity and how we handle stress.

The Mindfulness and the Workplace course helps employees integrate simple, practical, scientifically-backed exercises into work (and home) life to:

  • Increase well-being, happiness and job satisfaction
  • Enhance engagement at work and home
  • Build resilience to stress
  • Manage overwhelm
  • Boost productivity

Stress happens.

How will your team handle it?

Stress costs American companies over $300 billion annually. Toxic stress is linked to the six leading causes of disease. Researchers at Harvard and Stanford have found that workplace stress can be as detrimental to us as second-hand smoke.

Mindfulness programs are changing the way businesses like Apple, Google, Procter & Gamble, General Mills and Target are functioning. What if your company could join them?

We can’t usually control the stress that comes our way, but we can control how we respond to it.

We just need the right tools.

Over 7 weeks your team will:

  • Learn how stress keeps them on edge and how the brain can be trained to respond differently to stress.
  • Begin a mindfulness practice that doesn’t involve devoting their life to a guru or spending hours cross-legged on a cushion.
  • Implement techniques that calm them down on the spot when they would normally come unraveled.
  • Learn how the ways they normally work might be holding them back—and how to change that.
  • Schedule their day for improved efficiency and increased productivity to keep their workload manageable.
  • Discover the secret to real happiness. (Hint: It can't be found in a happiness book.)
  • Develop mindfulness habits that stick.

Course Overview

The Mindfulness and the Workplace course helps your company integrate simple, practical, scientifically-backed exercises into work (and home) life.

Who is the course for?

The course kicks off with an introductory webinar, Generation Stress and Re-Wiring your Brain with Mindfulness, which sets the foundation for why mindfulness is a crucial practice in today’s world and how it can help people work smarter.

What can you expect?

Mindfulness in Action: This is not your average training course. The weekly lessons are available for quick-and-easy consumption in video, audio or PDF format for all learning styles. This way you can learn at a time that’s convenient for you. The videos are less than 15 minutes long because we want participants to spend their time integrating the practices into their daily life rather than glued to the screen.

Mindfulness Together: Participants go through the training alongside others who are putting mindfulness into action at work.

Unlike mindfulness apps, participants get human interaction to help stay accountable. Extra support is available in our private Facebook group, where participants can ask questions and interact with each other and with the course’s facilitator, Kristen Race, PhD. Dr. Race is also available to answer individual questions via email and during the three live webinar sessions.

Mindful Progress: Participants can track their own progress, and group leaders can track the progress of team members to ensure the training has been utilized.

Jon Snyder

Public Works Director, City of Steamboat Springs

"I have already seen an increase in workplace productivity attributable to key practices in this course. I would recommend it to almost anyone in the modern workplace, especially because the new age of emails, text messaging, and the expectation of instantaneous replies is driving us all to exhaustion."

Lisa Nelson

Senior VP, match.com

"I realized the impact that Dr. Race's presentation would have on our staff when a colleague turned to me and whispered "This is life changing." Kristen's ability to share the effects of stress on our brains, our work, our happiness and our relationships, especially in today's fast paced world, is invaluable. The toolbox of simple workday stress-resiliency solutions she gave to our employees is excellent, and months later, employees can continue to utilize her suggestions.

Laura Cusenbary

Financial Advisor

"The micro-changes I made have had such a tremendous impact on my mood, reactions, and energy. The six different areas that I can pull from to help reduce stress also help me perform at a higher level throughout my day. This program far exceeded my expectations."

Course Schedule

The course kicks off with an introductory webinar presented by Dr Race, Generation Stress and Re-Wiring your Brain with Mindfulness, which sets the foundation for why mindfulness is a crucial practice in today’s world and how it can help people work smarter.


Generation Stress and Re-Wiring your Brain with Mindfulness


Starting a Mindfulness Practice


Managing Brain States and How to Calm Your Mind on Demand


The Hidden Costs of Distraction


Scheduling Your Day for Efficiency, Productivity and Sanity


Shaping a Happy Brain


Mini Mindful Habits and Rituals to Create Balance


Sustaining Your Mindfulness Practices

Course Benefits

Private course website available on all devices

Video, audio and transcripts of each lesson

Weekly action steps

Downloadable checklists and printables

Progress tracking and team performance analytics

Support via email, Facebook group and interactive webinars

Frequently Asked Questions

We are sensitive to the importance a company places on ROI when they embark on any type of program or investment. Our initial data on our workplace program speaks directly to this concern.

92% of course participants demonstrated significant improvement in productivity. Productivity is a direct correlation to a company's revenue.

92% of course participants also demonstrated significant improvement in their overall well-being. This is a direct correlation to a company's expense sheet.

Improved well-being is a direct correlation to decreased health care costs and absenteeism.

In these ways, and likely more, our program creates a fantastic ROI for companies

Don’t worry, we aren’t replacing your office chair with a meditation cushion. This course is much more than just meditation practices, and no, you don't have to meditate at work. I give you multiple tools from both researched-backed mindfulness techniques as well as proven positive psychology happiness and productivity boosters. Tools are for work, home and anywhere in between to build your mindfulness muscles.

If you've followed Mindful Life's work for years and haven't yet established a regular practice, this course is definitely for you, especially if you haven't integrated mindfulness into your work life yet.

We provide you with multiple ways to ask questions and get support from our facilitator, Dr. Kristen Race, as well as our Mindful Workplace community. You'll be able to interact with Kristen directly in our online forum and inside four live online workshop webinars.

While you can read every book, study and pop psychology article on mindfulness these days, having a strategy to implement it into your daily life (no matter what comes up), is extremely beneficial. The course has been described as the kick in the pants many people have needed to finally commit to making necessary changes in their lives.

This course was created for the BUSYness of business. The modules are short (less than 15 minutes) and everything is available on-the-go as a video, audio or PDF transcript. The formal mindfulness practices take less than 5 minutes.

It’s pretty easy to waste 5 minutes on Facebook or 5 minutes stressing about your inbox. When you give your brain 5 minutes of mindfulness, your brain rewards you with much more than 5 minutes of peace and productivity. You have 5 minutes for this. We all do.

You are not alone. We've heard every excuse and witnessed every eye roll as we’ve taught formal practices to thousands. Wr’ve taught the busiest and the best the merits of even just a few minutes of formal mindfulness a day. Our methods are specifically created for those who have a hard time committing to the cushion.
Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx, said, "Dr. Kristen Race offers lots of clever, fun techniques you can implement right away. The takeaways will help you and your children find the balance and calm you all need and deserve.”

The 5-minute-a-day formal breathing practice is actually just a teeny-tiny component of the course. The crux of the course is a toolbox of exercises for you to use in the moment to combat stress, optimize your brain for better focus and productivity and to increase your happiness.

You'll learn the science that explains why on some days, your brain feels like a hotbed of crazy, and how to calm it on demand. Plus, you'll learn the best ways to refuel and replenish your prefrontal cortex.

You'll be the one stand-out calm unicorn in a sea of the stressed masses, is that a problem? Having the same vernacular and tools is a huge plus in bringing change to a system. We even have bulk pricing for groups of 5 or more people. Click here for details...

Remember that mirror neurons work both ways and positive emotions are just as contagious as negative ones, so your co-workers may take notice of your productivity, efficiency and sanity and want to bring this work into their life in the near future.

You will get plenty of support within our course community from a variety of professions which can be extremely helpful in finding new solutions to old problems.

Research shows that without addressing stress first, wellness programs don’t work very well. According to the American Psychological Association, Stress in America report, highly stressed people are:

  • 30% less likely to eat healthily
  • 35% less likely to exercise
  • And 200% more likely to fail at weight-loss programs

So if you think the latest Fitbit or Paleo diet is going to solve it all, think again.

When we’re stressed, our limbic system takes over and takes our prefrontal cortex offline. Our prefrontal cortex’s primary job is to make choices that nourish rather than deplete us. Without its participation in decision making, we’re much more likely to react to our stress by throwing back a lot of chardonnay or diving head first into a box of cupcakes. This just perpetuates the unwell wellness cycle.

In this course, we give you solutions to the root problems leading to today's stress epidemic, and create resiliency from the inside rather than the outside.

YES!  Maybe you’re exempt from the stress of the daily commute (unless your staircase is covered in laundry or other items that family members fail to return to their rooms), but you’re not exempt from other stressors related to your work. Working from home has its own set of productivity and distraction challenges. The mindfulness tools in this program work wonders within both a traditional office environment and at the home office.  

Just the opposite in fact. Our founder, Kristen Race, says it best:

"These practices actually have helped me accomplish much more than I ever would have if I were still bathing my organs in cortisol. Since practicing mindfulness, I have traveled constantly to give trainings to thousands of people, delivered two (very stress-inducing) TEDx talks, created mindfulness programs for schools, parents and executives, wrote a book and hosted retreats all while raising toddlers in to teens."

Before mindfulness, I was headed for burnout at a rapid clip; and figuring out a better way to balance my work life and home life did much more for my career (and my intestines!) than trying to use chronic stress as a motivator ever could.

Mindfulness is being used at Google, Target, General Mills, Seattle Seahawks, to name a few. It’s being used in our schools and in some branches of the armed forces. It works for them, I’m confident it’ll work for you, too. 

The course gives you workplace tools that go above and beyond the usual tools you might find in an app. Plus, you can ask me questions in the live webinars about how to tailor the tools for your specific situation. Can an app do that?

This course is designed to keep you engaged and accountable without stressing you out, so no obnoxious alerts dinging when the app hasn’t been opened in 20 minutes. There’s a specific strategy and formula that has worked for many others before you.

Jessica, Course Graduate

"This course changed the way I live my life. I have a better relationship with myself and my loved ones. I am a better employee. I’m more present in my life. It is so worth it."

Angie, City of Fort Collins

"We all walk around saying how "busy" we all are, like it's a badge of honor. This course gives us the tools we need to to combat the "busy-ness" and fight back against the stress that it causes. If you think you are too busy for this course, then it's the perfect course for you!"

Christy, Course Graduate

"Some courses make great promises and at the end you might have found just one thing to take away. At the end of the Mindfulness and the Workplace course, I feel more enriched and enlightened than I thought would be possible. I cannot express my THANKS enough!"

Our past course participants reported these results, based on before-and-after surveys:


Demonstrated significant improvement in their level of perceived stress.


Demonstrated significant improvement in their level of mindful awareness.


Demonstrated significant improvement in productivity.


Demonstrated significant improvement in their overall well-being.


Would recommend the course to a friend or co-workers.

Mindfulness and the Workplace course by MindfulLifeToday.com and Dr. Kristen Race

Meet Kristen Race, Ph.D.

The author of Mindful Parenting, and founder of Mindful Life™

Kristen Race, Ph.D. is an expert in child, family and school psychology, as well as a parent of two young children. She received her Doctorate and Master’s degrees from the University of Denver, and her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado.

Her work has been featured in The New York Times™, NPR, Washington Post, CNN, Chicago Tribune, Parenting magazine and Real Simple. She is a regular blogger for The Huffington Post and Psychology Today and is a TEDx speaker.

Through her company, Mindful Life™, Kristen has created brain-based mindfulness programs that are used by hundreds of schools, businesses, families, camps, youth athletic and after-school programs. She’s given talks to parents, educators, psychologists and executives all over the globe.

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Mindfulness and the Workplace Course

  • 7-week course featuring 6 weekly lessons
  • Video, audio and PDF transcripts of modules
  • Private course website available on desktop, mobile and tablet
  • Printable checklists and worksheets
  • 3 interactive webinar workshops (recorded just in case you can't make it live)
  • Private Facebook support community
  • Dr. Race available to answer your questions via email, Facebook group and/or webinars
  • Do several of your team members want to join the course? Bulk-purchase and automatically save 50% off when 10 or more people from one company purchase the course.

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