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Mindful Parenting, by Kristen Race

Simple and powerful solutions for raising creative, engaged, happy kids in today’s hectic world

Between school pressures, extracurricular activities, homework, and demanding careers, it’s hard to find time just to get dinner on the table. In Mindful Parenting, child and family psychologist Dr. Kristen Race speaks directly to today’s busy families who make up what she calls “Generation Stress” and presents an alternative – a mindful approach. Drawing on the latest research, she shows how mindfulness helps us – and our children – feel happier, healthier, calmer, less anxious, less stressed, and more focused.

In Mindful Parenting, find:

  • Simple Explanations: How the brain works and why parents and kids today are more stressed, anxious, and angry than ever before.
  • Practical Solutions: Things parents can do to create a more relaxed and happier home.
  • Quick Tips: “Brain Coolers” that can be used in the moment to help families relax, recharge, and create happiness

Mindful Parenting understands the realities of raising a family in our fast paced and often frenetic world and provides hundreds of easy to implement solutions to help parents and children manage stress, create peace and live happier lives.  View Full Notes and References for Mindful Parenting here.

The Mindful Parenting Discussion Guide:

  • Great for PTAs
  • Great for Book Clubs
  • Chapter by Chapter Guide
  • Thought Provoking Questions

Download the Discussion Guide (PDF)

Praise for Mindful Parenting:

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