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Mindful Life™ Schools One-Day Intensive with Dr. Kristen Race

For Schools and School Districts

Being a teacher is one of the most rewarding careers anyone can have. We have all heard countless stories of successful people attributing their perseverance in life to the one great teacher who inspired them to overcome challenges. Very few professionals rival the influence that teachers have in shaping our future generations’ lives.

Teaching is also one of the top 10 most stressful professions today as reported by ABC news.

Did you know that being a teacher is considered less stressful (by just a hair) than being a police officer, yet it’s actually more stressful than being a firefighter or emergency medical technician?

Did you know that nearly 50% of new teachers will leave the profession within their first five years of teaching? And 15% of veteran teachers exit the profession every year.

This extraordinarily high turnover rate costs school districts in the tens of millions not to mention the immeasurable loss of losing those caring people who came into the profession committed to making a difference and end up leaving long before retirement.

We can’t undo the added pressures that today’s schools are faced with, but we can teach stress management techniques that not only create a calm work environment for faculty, but also create a learning environment for students in which they can academically succeed. Stress can undo even the best efforts of the most talented teachers.

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About The Mindful Life™ One-Day Intensive For Teachers

This one-day stress-resiliency and mindfulness intensive has been our signature training for faculty and staff for the past seven years.

The Mindful Life™ Schools method is theoretically derived and informed by the latest research in the fields of cognitive neuroscience, positive psychology, social and emotional learning, and mindfulness. The method was developed by Kristen Race, Ph.D. for use with children in PreK to 8th grades, but can easily be adapted for older children.

Our Mindful Life™ Trained Teachers report:

  • 91% report significant improvement in their students’ listening skills
  • 82% report significant improvement in their students’ attention span

Principals Are Seeing Great Results…

The benefits of having a Mindful Life™ 1-day intensive are numerous, and here’s what our thousands of Mindful Life™ trained schools say that they got from the program:

  • Students learned simple brain-based tools for paying attention, staying focused and retaining information.
  • Teachers learned tools for increasing their stress resiliency even in the face of the most challenging classroom behavior
  • Parents received explanations from the teachers about how to further enhance the mindfulness practice at home. They also received access to free family coaching through our parenting newsletter program
  • Schools fostered engaged learners who could easily access their critical-thinking minds despite what was happening around them
  • Communities got empowered teachers, parents, and students who could rise to the challenge of educating our 21st century global learners with ease and flexibility

The Mindful Life™ Schools Program:

It’s carefully designed to feel much more like a retreat, while also providing a high level of professional development for teachers. Because training is happening in a group setting, this also doubles as a healthy team-building exercise for all participants.

The result is that it not only boosts morale, but also creates a positive culture for the entire school community. This is the one staff training that is incredibly easy to get your entire staff on board with.

The focus of the morning session will be on the stress response in the brain, and the personal wellness of the teachers.

Experiential mindfulness and relaxation practices show teachers exactly how to create a daily mindfulness practice and give them a taste of what learning feels like when the alarm brain has been calmed and the smart brain has been engaged.

The afternoon will build upon the wellness components of our program and incorporate ways to easily implement the curriculum into the classroom.

Bonus! Free enrollment in our Weekly Wellness Program

Upon completion, all faculty and staff will have access to our rolling bite-sized mindfulness curriculum, The Mindful Life™ Schools Weekly Wellness Program, delivered weekly into email inboxes, for the rest of that school year.

Each week includes a brief explanation of that week’s lesson, script, and home reinforcement letters written in English and in Spanish. The weekly curriculum will carry the staff through to the end of the school year, and is available for renewal each school year as we roll out new curriculum.

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The one-day intensive is ideal for:

This one day intensive is designed for any individual or team across entire school communities – educators, school therapists, administration and other adults interested in sharing mindfulness and movement with children in a classroom setting.

As an added perk, our curriculum links directly to the Colorado Achievement Standards for Emotional and Social Wellness, and helps schools meet new standards for Comprehensive Health through our movements based activities.

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Included in the One Day Training:

  • Full Mindful Life™ Schools Training Manual (includes hundreds of mindfulness and movement activities designed for children)
  • Personal Practice Workbook (to guide you through a 6-week development program)
  • Classroom Curriculum (email delivery of our Weekly Wellness Program curriculum)
  • Extended Curriculum (24 extended lessons & 24 home reinforcement letters in English and Spanish)
  • Links to Colorado Achievement Standards (perfect for any public school in Colorado)
  • Graduate credits and CEU’s available, (contact us for more information)


Ready to try a professional development program that will transform the culture of your school for both teachers and students, in both wellness and academics?

Contact us to find out about pricing and availability. You may also email Kenny Reisman directly:

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