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Mindful Life™ Programs for Youth Sports Teams and Athletes


The Mindful Athlete Talk

The list of pro athletes who are turning to mindfulness and meditation to gain a competitive edge in their game just keeps getting longer and longer.

Pros know that the ability to focus on the field is just as important as their physical capabilities.

Yet kids today are having more challenges than ever in managing stress and staying focused. Just like an athlete can increase their physical game skills through repeated practice and training, neuroplasticity allows our brains to be re-trained as well.

The mental game of sports is as key to winning as is talent and effort.

In Kristen Race’s Mindful Athlete talk, athletes and coaches are introduced to the science of the brain in a developmentally appropriate manner so they can increase their focus and bring their A-game to every competition, despite what’s happening at home or at school.

When athletes have the tools and strategies to become more resilient to stress they are happier, healthier and better prepared for competitions.

Athletes and coaches will walk away with dozens of tools and strategies that can immediately be put into practice in both team and individual sports and be applied to all facets of a young person’s life.

What Your Athletes and Coaches Will Learn:

  • How to handle stress in the brain during competition
  • Tools and Strategies to enhance performance in both team or individual sports
  • Essential mental preparation practices for game day
  • Benefits of a mindfulness practice on and off the field

Inquire About a Mindful Athlete Talk for your Team or Organization

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