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Do you have too many tabs open on your brain?

Do you have too many tabs open on your brain, this month?

Once you emerge from the pile of field trip permission slips and camp forms, all after a full day’s work, maybe you can close a few tabs in your brain, recharge, and reboot. But that’s probably unlikely as these next 3 months will fly by as you try to squeeze in a sliver of summer fun while juggling full workloads and fragmented family schedules.

And just when you realize it’s summer, you’ll be inundated with everything involved to get ready for 4th quarter benchmarks and back-to-school and think, oh no, where did another summer go?

I’m a working parent and it’s May, unaffectionately known in my circle of friends as MAYhem.

This is the time of year when we working parents can only squeeze in a drive-by chat, as we get our kids ready for a dance dress rehearsal while returning client calls, checking emails and hurrying between one sports banquet, music recital, and graduation party to the next.

We screech into summer after a frenzied spring pace of trying to meet all the work deadlines, while simultaneously videoing all of our kids’ milestones. At the end of the day, we hope we aren’t too exhausted to still climb the corporate ladder, read a bedtime story or make sure our teenager isn’t out too late.

If this is sounding even vaguely familiar, instead of doing the same old same old this month, I invite you to try something a little bit different.

If you’re feeling too exhausted to even plan or enjoy that summer family vacation or attend the friend’s wedding, and you even are dreading going to that well-intentioned company BBQ or retreat (because you’ll still have client calls to return afterwards), I want to boldly suggest that it’s time to incorporate mindfulness into your work life.

And guess what?!

The Summer School version of the Mindfulness and the Workplace Course is Now Open for Enrollment!

Yes, it’s the summer school version, which means it’s designed with erratic schedules, vacations, busy working families and s’mores in mind.

Yes, you read that last part correctly! Our mission with every cohort of this course is for the participants to manage overwhelm, tame distractions, optimize brain states for increased productivity, and feel calmer so that everyone can get out of their overstuffed inbox and back into their lives!

Why is summer the perfect time to take this course, if you are already running on fumes?

This course is not meant to be one more thing to jam into your already busy life. It’s designed to help you plan an intentional life, where you can be as efficient and productive as possible during the work day, so that your free time is just that: free time.  And summer is a great opportunity to take full advantage of the BENEFITS of these work/life game-changers.

The entire course is based in heavily researched brain science, and we use mindfulness and other simple brain-based solutions to help you find more efficiencies, and more sanity, in all areas of your life. Concepts such as calming your brain on demand, prioritizing your day to maximize brain function, and the power and benefits of cultivating more positive emotions are just a few of the elements we tackle.

This course is delivered in bite-sized weekly modules to ensure that you get the most bang in the shortest amount of time because your weekends and evenings want you back, and so do your kids and your partner!

Mindfulness and the Workplace Course


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Or learn more about the course here…

I sincerely hope you decide to join us for the summer session of this hugely popular course, where less exhausting/more productive work days followed by barefoot walks, bike rides, roasted marshmallows, nights of star gazing and picnics are strongly encouraged!

Kristen Race

and the Mindful Life Team

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