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Dr. Rick Hanson Interview with Dr. Kristen Race

It’s that time of year again … after some of us indulged our way through the holidays, it’s time to step away from the can of frosting and chart our course for a healthier 2017.

But there’s an annual disconnect between our good intentions for the year ahead and the choices we make once the dopamine of declaring our resolutions wears off. 

If we spent 2016 running ourselves ragged, it’s hard to get all rah rah rah about making drastic changes overnight; yet that’s what we usually expect out of ourselves every January 1. Then, when the allure of imagining our shiny new selves wears off by February 1, our resolutions usually go out the window!

If you’d like to do it differently, this year, and revolutionize your wellbeing resolutions for 2017, then I highly recommend watching this interview I had the pleasure of doing with Dr. Rick Hanson, New York Times bestselling author of books like Buddha’s Brain, Hardwiring Happiness, Just One Thing, and Mother Nurture.

In this 54 minute interview, Rick gives his perspective and tips on:

  • Work/life balance and tactics on how to achieve it as a working or stay at home parent
  • How to nourish yourself if you’ve been running on empty for a while
  • How to feel more fulfilled at work and the 3 factors you need to have in place to make the most of your career 
  • The question (that Rick loved) that he’s never been asked in hundreds of other interviews
  • Great advice on how to not take things too personally at work
  • How Rick runs his business and his personal life without getting depleted.

Rick also discusses the surprising stressor that wears most of us down (that we can easily overcome) and the questions that we all need to ask ourselves in order to fulfill both our bucket and our bucket list. 

Foundations of Wellbeing Online Course with Dr. Rick Hanson

At the end of the interview, Rick and I talk about the impact and influence that the Foundations of Wellbeing 12-month course has had on my own life (and my work) and the huge benefits of using Rick’s course to achieve greater wellbeing for 2017.

If you’re interested in signing up for Dr. Rick Hanson’s Foundations of Wellbeing online 12-month course, you can do so here. I have taken the course, and I give it high praise.  My company does receive a commission (that helps further Mindful Life’s work in the world) if you register with our link.

Learn More

Using the science of positive neuroplasticity, Rick teaches you effective, quick, and authentic ways to literally change your brain, making it easier to find calm strength, contentment, and confidence.

Regardless of where you sign up for the course, I hope that you do sign up.

Cheers to a mindful 2017!

Dr. Kristen Race

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