Mindful Life Retreats

Do you strive to do things in JUST the right way? Do you insist on loading the dishwasher your way? Do you have trouble showing your work if it’s not at its absolute best? Do you avoid difficult tasks if you think that you can’t handle them masterfully? Or maybe it’s your child who shows...
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Richard Branson on the Value of Vacations

Famous for their long vacations and paid time off benefits, a lot of our international neighbors are the envy of American workers. Even if you did have more paid time off of work, would you use up all of your vacation days? If you’re nodding yes and thinking I’m crazy for even posing this question...
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Like many working parents, I travel frequently for my career. For a recent trip, due to some logistics with my kids’ and husband’s schedules, we decided to board our dog during my short absence.

 When I booked my dog’s stay, I was informed that he’d be staying in a 5 star, two-room suite, would have...
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Mindful Life Retreats 2017

We’re so excited to announce the dates and details for this year’s 2017 Mindful Life Retreats. July 11-14th, 2017 in Steamboat Springs, Colorado November 12-16th, 2017 in Guanacaste, Costa Rica Registration is now open, and there are a very limited number of spots available. Since each retreat will only have a maximum of 16 participants,...
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One of my favorite things about summer is our annual Mindful Life retreat. We just wrapped up our 5th annual retreat at the end of July in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Once again I found it incredibly invigorating to have such an amazing group of people that were so open and willing to take their mindfulness...
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