Mindful Life for Parents

From Teenager to Mean-ager

When your children are young, their lives revolve around family. They come to you for comfort, guidance, reassurance and safety—for almost everything. Then they reach adolescence, and family takes second stage as their peers become the center of their attention. They engage with you less. They roll their eyes at everything you say. They spend...
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Mindful Life mindfulness gift guide: Why not put a little mindfulness in your loved ones’ stockings this year?

It’s that time of year—gift-giving time. How is it that such a generous tradition has become a stressful buying-and-getting event? Amidst the hustle and bustle, we could all use a reminder to stop and breathe. So why not put a little mindfulness in your loved ones’ stockings this year? [Start by tweeting that!] Here are...
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4 mindfulness tips to manage your mental burden by Dr. Kristen Race, Mindful Life. From the article, “You’ve Had it Up to Here—Now, How to Fix It.” (

It was the day before our six-week journey to Costa Rica. My husband and I had been to the store at least six times in the two days leading up to the trip when I found myself sitting on the toilet and realizing we were completely out of toilet paper. Not down to the last...
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Do you dread weekday mornings?

If 6:00 AM on Monday morning (or any weekday morning) is your least favorite part of the week because you know the next two hours will be an uphill battle that you rarely win, you are in the company of almost every parent I know. And not even a so-called “extra hour” because of the...
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"Parent-teacher conferences can quickly spiral into an emotional struggle rather than remain the strategy session they are meant to be." – Dr Kristen Race. Here’s how to make the most of this year’s parent-teacher conference. [READ ARTICLE]

It’s that time again. Parent-teacher conferences are being scheduled across the country. Teachers have had enough time to determine where our kids are struggling, and in what areas they shine. At home, the honeymoon of excitement for the new school year has waned. Expectations are high. Emotions are shaky. And somehow, we have to squeeze...
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How parents can do something positive in the wake of tragedy. Dr Kristen Race dicusses, "If parents who are mortified by unspeakable events that keep dominating our headline news can use their grief to speak out for, and commit to change, then we can do something positive in the wake of this tragedy."

Last night my daughter asked me, “Mom, New York won’t get bombed by North Korea while we are there will it?” I then woke up to the news of the abhorrent tragedy in Las Vegas, and I realized we are all experiencing fear in many different ways. Unprecedented natural disasters, fear of war, deportation, rights...
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