Easy Mindfulness Practices

"4 Mindful Eating Tips for the Whole Family" by Dr. Kristen Race, author of Mindful Parenting and founder of Mindful Life. – Mindful eating is not a diet or about giving up your favorite foods. It’s about experiencing food more intensely. There are no menus or food restrictions. Instead, you will develop a new mindset around food.

Are you on a new diet for the New Year? Or did you write “Eat better” on your New Year’s Resolution list? Or maybe you hate making New Year’s Resolutions because you learned long ago that they never stick. No matter your enthusiasm (or lack thereof) for starting anew, you can implement REAL change into...
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"Yelling and Your Child’s Brain" by Dr. Kristen Race, author of Mindful Parenting and founder of Mindful Life Today. (Foundations of Mindful Parenting course starts soon...)

A while back, a good friend of mine made a commitment to stop yelling at her kids. She had attended a lecture on brain development and came away convinced that she needed to make a change. She was successful for a while and had noticed a significant improvement in her interactions with her kids, but...
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Mindful Exercise Tips

While I have never come close to having abs of steel, I have had a brain of mush, especially after a mentally taxing or stressful day. And while I’m (obviously) a big proponent of mindfulness for managing stress, I’m also a strong believer in the stress reducing, productivity boosting powers of exercise. Challenging workouts create a...
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There’s no point in sugarcoating this topic. There’s currently a lot of negative, fearful, angry and defensive information being thrown at us on a minute by minute basis. Taking care of our own well-being and sanity must become a priority in a time like this. Now more than ever, we need to take precautions, in...
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It’s that time of year again … after some of us indulged our way through the holidays, it’s time to step away from the can of frosting and chart our course for a healthier 2017. But there’s an annual disconnect between our good intentions for the year ahead and the choices we make once the...
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The growth mindset is a key asset to developing Grit. So what is grit and the growth mindset, and what does it have to do with mindfulness? Dr. Kristen Race's latest post from

Over the last 6 months I have been deep in the bellows of research on grit and the growth mindset. Grit happens to be a topic that is very relevant for my work with corporations and The Growth Mindset is the theme for the new lessons in the Mindful Life Schools Weekly Wellness Program for...
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