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Last week was one of those weeks. My husband was out of town, I was sick and overwhelmed by work deadlines, the dog rolled in something that smelled awful, and my living room looked like an episode from a show about hoarders. It was my day to drive carpool, and all of the kids were...
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Will a mindfulness app help you find bliss? Article by Dr. Kristen Race. Endless mindfulness apps exist that claim to help us find bliss. But do these tools really help us as much as they say?

Will a mindfulness app help you find bliss? Technology is changing our lives, no doubt. We can do so many things so much faster than ever before. At the touch of a button I can have dinner delivered to my door, a movie queued up and ready to watch, and even FaceTime friends across the...
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In my recent interview with Dr. Rick Hanson, we discussed a variety of topics, one of them being this notion of work-life balance. This topic comes up quite often when I am working with business professionals, teachers and parents. Dr. Hanson defines a good work-life balance as the ability to feel fulfilled at the end...
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