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A financial advisor and self-proclaimed type A skeptic talks about mindfulness

When stress levels reached an all-time high both at work and at home, financial advisor, Laura Cusenbary, turned to the Mindfulness and the Workplace course for stress-resiliency tools.

She attributes what she learned in the course to helping her to be more patient with her husband and toddler, less reactive to her co-workers, more productive with her workload and, finally, more present for her clients.

Laura’s Story

Laura was pretty skeptical about mindfulness when she first joined the course. In this 2-minute video, Laura shares her story with me and recalls that moment when she realized she needed a bigger tool box to handle some pretty big stressors in her life.


Laura admittedly is still not huge fan of mindful breathing, but the additional tools she learned have become ingrained (along with the brain-science that backs them up). They were really easy to implement as they took up very little time and have had really big impact on her work/life balance.

After taking the course, she also developed a lot more self-compassion for herself (no small task for this type A perfectionist!) and has been able to stick with other wellbeing goals for the long-term.

Laura’s biggest concern about the course: Did she really have time to add one more thing to her to-do list?

Laura explains in this next one-minute video how she had felt incredibly overwhelmed and she had no idea how she could possibly add one more thing to her to do list. She took a (calculated) risk and explains how easy and beneficial it turned out to be:


It turns out, the tools have actually helped Laura become a BETTER financial advisor!

In this next one-minute video, Laura explains why these tools are extremely important in making sure that she takes great care of her clients while also taking care of herself.

To hear more stories from past participants of the course, click here. To learn more about this 9-week work/life transformation, click here. Or if you’re ready to enroll, use the button below.

I sincerely hope you decide to join us for the summer session of this hugely popular course, where less exhausting/more productive work days followed by barefoot walks, bike rides, roasted marshmallows, nights of star gazing and picnics are strongly encouraged!

Kristen Race

and the Mindful Life Team

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