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tend and befriend the stress response you might not have ever heard of

About 2 weeks ago, my computer’s hard drive crashed. My son was checking the weather forecast and said that it was “acting funny”. I ran in to assess the situation, tried a reboot, a hard reset, plugged it in. Nothing worked to resuscitate my unresponsive machine. Since everything I’d ever written about the stress response… Read More

The goal is not to bundle ourselves in bubble wrap to avoid all stress, but rather to change the way we think about stress.

In our everyday lexicon, stress has become the negative blanket term for things both traumatic and slightly annoying in our lives. We’ve stopped searching for more specific language to describe what’s truly happening in the moment. Instead, we label everything from divorce to a printer jam as “stressful”. We don’t get to choose whether our… Read More

You can let your work inspire you, or you can let it take you down.

You can let your work inspire you or you can let it take you down. This was what my wise yoga teacher said the other day, and it got me thinking about how true it is. In the last decade of teaching mindfulness, stress-resiliency and engagement at work, I’ve found that it doesn't matter if you’re the… Read More

If Life feels like snowmageddon, just grab a sled and find a little playfulness in the storm

Recently, I was walking my dog before heading into work. I was on a quiet residential street near our house when a good friend of mine drove by. Due to my busy travel schedule, we had been playing phone tag for weeks and hadn’t seen each other in person in at least a few months… Read More

Richard Branson on the Value of Vacations

Famous for their long vacations and paid time off benefits, a lot of our international neighbors are the envy of American workers. Even if you did have more paid time off of work, would you use up all of your vacation days? If you’re nodding yes and thinking I’m crazy for even posing this question… Read More

Like many working parents, I travel frequently for my career. For a recent trip, due to some logistics with my kids' and husband's schedules, we decided to board our dog during my short absence.

 When I booked my dog's stay, I was informed that he'd be staying in a 5 star, two-room suite, would have… Read More

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