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How parents can do something positive in the wake of tragedy. Dr Kristen Race dicusses, "If parents who are mortified by unspeakable events that keep dominating our headline news can use their grief to speak out for, and commit to change, then we can do something positive in the wake of this tragedy."

Last night my daughter asked me, “Mom, New York won’t get bombed by North Korea while we are there will it?” I then woke up to the news of the abhorrent tragedy in Las Vegas, and I realized we are all experiencing fear in many different ways. Unprecedented natural disasters, fear of war, deportation, rights… Read More

Article: Do Kids Benefit from Immediate Consequences? By Dr, Kristen Race, Mindful Life – “When the alarm part of her brain is active, your child cannot effectively learn how to self-discipline.” (Mindful Parenting course now enrolling!)

Most parents have the notion that a consequence needs to be given immediately following a child’s misbehavior so that the child understands that what she’s done is unacceptable. Do you find yourself threatening to take away screen time for months as soon as you catch your daughter hiding under the covers with her iPad? Or… Read More

When stress levels reached an all-time high both at work and at home, financial advisor, Laura Cusenbary, turned to the Mindfulness and the Workplace course for stress-resiliency tools. She attributes what she learned in the course to helping her to be more patient with her husband and toddler, less reactive to her co-workers, more productive with her workload and, finally… Read More

Once you emerge from the pile of field trip permission slips and camp forms, all after a full day’s work, maybe you can close a few tabs in your brain, recharge, and reboot. But that’s probably unlikely as these next 3 months will fly by as you try to squeeze in a sliver of summer… Read More

While I have never come close to having abs of steel, I have had a brain of mush, especially after a mentally taxing or stressful day. And while I’m (obviously) a big proponent of mindfulness for managing stress, I’m also a strong believer in the stress reducing, productivity boosting powers of exercise. Challenging workouts create a… Read More

As we finish up our series on reinventing our relationship to stress, I wanted to be sure that one of the most important aspects to building stress-resiliency isn’t forgotten about: Rest and Recovery. Despite all kinds of messaging from productivity podcasts, books on achievement and motivational “experts” telling you that constant hustling is the only… Read More

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