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Here is the scenario (let me know if this sounds familiar): You read an article or book about mindfulness, or listen to yet another podcast about someone who is winning at life and attributes it to his or her meditation practice. You tell yourself, “I’ve GOT to start meditating!” And maybe you do. You wake… Read More

Do you strive to do things in JUST the right way? Do you insist on loading the dishwasher your way? Do you have trouble showing your work if it’s not at its absolute best? Do you avoid difficult tasks if you think that you can’t handle them masterfully? Or maybe it’s your child who shows… Read More

I was in a meditation class in Costa Rica in December, and the teacher prompted us to “Make clear your mind.” (This was her way of blending English with Spanish grammar in an attempt to tell us to clear our minds.) You’ve probably heard this cue before. “Just clear your mind,” they say. “Let go… Read More

Whether you have younger children who meltdown by throwing tantrums or older children who meltdown by rolling their eyes and retreating to their room, you are probably making a common mistake. Maybe you give your child a time out. Maybe you even get your child to take a few deep breaths and then offer your… Read More

For the next four weeks, we're publishing an article with small yet meaningful tips that will help you make this month a Mindful March for Parents.  If your to-do list is as long as mine, I bet the idea of stopping for 30 minutes to do nothing makes you feel anxious. Am I right? But… Read More

When your children are young, their lives revolve around family. They come to you for comfort, guidance, reassurance and safety—for almost everything. Then they reach adolescence, and family takes second stage as their peers become the center of their attention. They engage with you less. They roll their eyes at everything you say. They spend… Read More

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