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3 FREE Mindfulness Modules from our Weekly Wellness Program

Have you been curious about our brand new Mindful Life™ Schools Weekly Wellness Program yet wanted a few more details before deciding if it’s right for you?

If you’d like to give the Weekly Wellness Program a thorough test drive, then register below and you’ll gain access to three of our most popular mindfulness modules for schools, teachers and students. Please note, we are closing registration for the 2015/2016 school year on January 31, 2016, so watch the complimentary modules right away, then make your commitment to more mindfulness by joining the full course on or before the end of the month.

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Even if you decide not to purchase the full program, we think you’ll gain great benefits from applying the concepts in these three modules, so complete the registration to gain access to the complimentary mindfulness lessons now.

We’d love to transform your 2016, so be sure to watch the modules before enrollment for the full program ends on 1/31/16.

Here’s how our mindfulness training will transform your classroom, your school, and your community:

  • Teachers will get tools for increasing their stress resiliency in the face of the most challenging classroom behavior.
  • Students will learn simple brain-based tools for paying attention, staying focused and emotional regulation. This program also fosters grit, resiliency and a growth mindset.
  • Parents will get easy explanations from the teachers about how to further enhance the mindfulness practices at home.
  • Schools will get engaged learners who can easily access their critical-thinking minds despite what’s happening around them.
  • Communities will get empowered teachers, parents and students, who can rise to the challenge of educating our 21st century global learners with ease and flexibility.

It’s geared towards teachers, youth professionals, coaches and kids, and many parents have told us they are loving the practices as well.  If you already know you’d love to join the full program and don’t want to miss out on it before enrollment closes on January 31, 2016, buy the Weekly Wellness Program today for $99.  The full program also includes membership into the private forum for community building and support. I am also active in the private forum, available to answer questions for all participants.

However you decide to tackle the stressors of the school year, it is always our honor and privilege to support you.

Kristen Race, Ph.D.
Founder, Mindful Life

P.S. Register for the complimentary mindfulness modules from the Weekly Wellness Program by clicking the join now button below.

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