Mindful Life Course: Mindfulness & the Workplace. Find your focus, overcome overwhelm, boost productivity and tame your stress.
 Get out of your inbox and into your life....

Get out of your inbox and into your life...

Find your focus, create balance, manage overwhelm, boost productivity, and tame stress.

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About The Course

The “Mindfulness and the Workplace” course teaches you simple, sustainable ways to integrate mindfulness practices in your work, your home and your life.

This program is for you if:

  • You’d like to feel less stressed at work
  • You want to stop feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list
  • You’d like to be more productive during your workday, so that you can be more present at home
  • You’d like to feel happier and have a more balanced life
  • You’d like to QUIET THE NOISE in your own head for a little while
  • You don’t have a lot of time, and you need to integrate these practices quickly and easily
  • You don’t want to have to make drastic and monumental life changes to just have some peace of mind already!

Once upon a time…

We thought that having the entire contents of our inbox conveniently located inside of our purse or pants pocket was a huge blessing.

We envisioned ourselves addressing work issues from our beach-side chaise lounge, as we sipped an umbrella drink. We thought it meant freedom to work from anywhere…

Instead, for most of us, this convenience has turned into a digital leash, and we’re habitually checking and re-checking email; scrolling feeds; and frantically answering pinging devices late into the night. Yet, when our head finally hits the pillow, we’re still feeling unproductive and overwhelmed.

The World Health Organization calls stress “the health epidemic of the 21st Century.” You call it “Monday to Friday.”

Stress costs American companies over $300 billion annually. Toxic stress is linked to the six leading causes of disease. Researchers at Harvard and Stanford have found that workplace stress can be as detrimental to us as second-hand smoke.

Yet, we still just think stress is the accepted norm that we’ll only get relief from by quitting our jobs, selling all of our possessions and moving to a palapa on the beach!

Isn’t it worth taking some time to figure out if there’s a better way to manage your every day stressors?

From Surviving to Thriving in the Workplace - MindfulLifeToday.com

Mindfulness is a helpful tool, backed by brain science, that can be applied to any habit in our life to improve our efficiency, productivity, and how we handle stress.

Companies from Google to General Mills have found that small mindful habits have a BIG impact in reversing the effects of today’s 24/7 work culture. Our Mindfulness and the Workplace program teaches you the key mindful practices that have created the most impact for the people powering today’s most forward-thinking corporations.

As Ariana Huffington said, “Stress-reduction and mindfulness don’t just make us happier and healthier, they’re a proven competitive advantage for any business that wants one.”

Mindful Life in the Workplace - MindfulLifeToday.comAbout the Program

You can make more time for what matters most

In 9-weeks, you will integrate simple, practical, scientifically-backed exercises into your work life – and your home life – to build resilience to stressful situations, to manage overwhelm, to increase efficiency and productivity, and cultivate happiness.

Course Details:

The course starts Monday September 19, 2016 and kicks off with an introductory webinar workshop with Dr. Kristen Race.

Plus, you’re invited to 3 live 1-hour webinar workshops with Kristen. This is your exclusive opportunity to connect directly with Kristen, ask questions, get unstuck and learn from others. If you can’t participate live, a recording will also be emailed to everyone.

The weekly lessons are available in video, audio and PDF format for quick and easy consumption, and all learning styles. You can learn at a time that’s convenient for you. The videos are less than 15-minutes long because want you to spend your time integrating the practices into your daily life, rather than spending endless hours watching your screens!


  • Week 1: Introductory webinar, and Starting a mindfulness practice module
  • Week 2: Managing brain states and how to calm your mind on demand
  • Week 3: Integration week and webinar workshop with Dr. Kristen Race
  • Week 4: The hidden costs of distractions
  • Week 5: Scheduling your day for efficiency, productivity and sanity
  • Week 6: Integration week and webinar workshop with Dr. Kristen Race
  • Week 7: Shaping a happy brain
  • Week 8: Mini mindful habits and rituals to create balance
  • Week 9: Final workshop with Dr. Kristen Race

The Results! What transformations can you expect?

In order to evaluate the impact of the this course, participants respond to pre- and post-course evaluations. The findings are as follows:

  • 100% demonstrated significant improvement in their level of perceived stress
  • 83% demonstrated significant improvement in their level of mindful awareness
  • 92% demonstrated significant improvement in productivity
  • 92% demonstrated significant improvement in their overall well-being
  • 100% would recommend the course to a friend or co-worker
Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook, “Kristen, your research on mindfulness and resilience to stress offers valuable guidance and tools to help women—especially working moms—navigate life’s challenging moments. Thank you for your work supporting women’s well-being and success.”
Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx, “Dr. Kristen Race offers lots of clever, fun techniques you can implement right away. The takeaways will help you and your children find the balance and calm you all need and deserve.”

We could deliver more calm and attentive care to our patients...

Bringing mindfulness into my workplace seemed unrealistic to me, but through the course, I realized mindfulness doesn’t necessarily mean finding time to actually meditate at work! I would love to see my team of nurses and physicians take this course together. We could find ways to support each other and in turn deliver more calm and attentive care to our patients. And, for the first time, in many years of being interested in and trying out different mindfulness techniques, I am actually practicing daily.

Alethea Stone, Registered Nurse
Yampa Valley Medical Center

I never realized there are so many easy practices that are able to make a big impact in my life.

I learned that, no matter what, if I have had a bad day or a good day that there is always a positive way to look at situations and how I have a positive effect. I have become very self-aware and am able to see what my stressors and triggers are. I find that I handle stressful situations better after I pause, breathe and reflect, before reacting. It was all information that can be incorporated into our daily lives!


I've been less "snappy" and more compassionate.

I enjoyed the learning about the functions of the brain and the physiological reasons why we respond in a certain way and stress effects that. It really put it in perspective for me I feel like life only gets more complicated and incorporating some of these tactics into my life helps me navigate with a clearer mind. I found this course to be very relatable and executable. I loved this course and want to tell all my friends and family about it!


dr-kristen-raceAbout Dr. Kristen Race

Kristen Race Ph.D. is a parent of two young children, as well as an expert in child, family and school psychology. Dr. Race is the author of Mindful Parenting, and founder of Mindful Life™. All of her programs are rooted in the science of the brain with influences from the fields of mindfulness and positive psychology. Mindful Life programs are designed to improve brain function and brain development in adults and children.

Dr. Race has been featured in The New York Times, NPR, The Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, USA TODAY, CNN, and Real Simple Magazine. She is a regular blogger for The Huffington Post and Psychology Today and is an expert lecturer for Lean In’s online community. She is a TEDx and keynote speaker and has trained over 10,000 leaders in her methods worldwide.

The micro-changes I made have had such a tremendous impact on my mood, reactions, and energy...

This program far exceeded my expectations. Honestly, I expected it to just be a basic reminder about work/life balance tips that we all roll our eyes over. Instead, the takeaways were abundant and presented in a palatable and actionable method. The 'micro-changes" I made have had such a tremendous impact on my mood, reactions, and energy. The six different areas that I can pull from to help reduce stress also help me perform at a higher level throughout my day.

Laura Cusenbary, Financial Advisor, Assistant Vice President
Investments Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC

Engaging in these new strategies (and experiencing the results) is eye opening...

This is so much more than an app and gave me a new perspective that I can apply both at work and at home. I highly recommend this for my friends and colleagues as engaging in these new strategies (and experiencing the results!) is eye opening for anyone.

Susan Geeslin, Wine Sales Representative
Republic National Distributing

Enrollment for the Fall 2016 course has closed. Add your name to the waitlist for the next session…

Add your name to the waitlist, and download your bonus free guide instantly: "The top 4 mindfulness tools 
to manage your phone once and for all."


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Mindfulness tips to push pause on your phone habits, be more productive, present, and less stressed...
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