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Staying mindful in the political environment. Mindful Life blog post: 4 ways to stay mindful (and sane) in our heated political environment

There’s no point in sugarcoating this topic. There’s currently a lot of negative, fearful, angry and defensive information being thrown at us on a minute by minute basis. Taking care of our own well-being and sanity must become a priority in a time like this. Now more than ever, we need to take precautions, in… Read More

In my recent interview with Dr. Rick Hanson, we discussed a variety of topics, one of them being this notion of work-life balance. This topic comes up quite often when I am working with business professionals, teachers and parents. Dr. Hanson defines a good work-life balance as the ability to feel fulfilled at the end… Read More

It's that time of year again ... after some of us indulged our way through the holidays, it’s time to step away from the can of frosting and chart our course for a healthier 2017. But there’s an annual disconnect between our good intentions for the year ahead and the choices we make once the… Read More

If my own email in box is any indication, I know that, during this holiday season, you need another email, like you need a hole in your glass of eggnog. But read on, as this is not a #cyber Monday, #blackFriday, #smallbusiness Saturday, #willthiseverstop Wednesday (I made that one up!) kind of email. Because as… Read More

One of the first things we teach our kids as soon as they learn to speak is to say, "Thank you." Think of the countless times you have said, "what do you say?..." to prompt your child to utter these words. But do our kids really have any idea what it means to be thankful… Read More

Whether we have a solid daily practice or we only remember to say thank you a few moments before we dive into a plate of mashed potatoes, most of us use our gratitude practices to focus on our personal lives. We list out that we are grateful for our children, our spouse, our loved ones, our health… Read More

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